En este momento estás viendo 26-year-old decides to give up her grey hairs after struggling with it. She got her first one at 12 years old

26-year-old decides to give up her grey hairs after struggling with it. She got her first one at 12 years old

To save money and time, Lauren Midgley decided to stop coloring her hair, a process she’d done for years, taking the opportunity to embrace her grey hairs and show their natural color. Today, she helps other women wear theirs with pride.

We know that grey hairs are an issue that many of us women struggle with when they start to appear. We go to the hairdresser several times because, when we see them coming out, they unfortunately bother us a great deal. However, we have never thought that we could use them to our benefit and show them off with pride.

That’s the message Lauren Midgley wants to deliver to all those who are self-conscious about them. At only 26 years old, her head is almost completely covered with grey hair. However, instead of seeing this as a nuisance, today she sees it as an opportunity to accept herself just the way she is.

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However, she says it wasn’t always this way. When her first grey hair appeared when she was just 12 years old, she started undergoing home treatments to cover them with the help of her mother, BUT then more and more appeared, so they invested more money into it.

Once she entered her twenties, she realized the high cost of coloring her hair. Still, she continued to do it, even though her bank account suffered every time Lauren visited the salon to cover up her grey hair. It got to the point where she started going every two weeks.

Instagram @embracethegreys

However, it wasn’t until her own hairdresser recommended she stop coloring it that she decided to grow it out: “I just couldn’t keep up with the cost, time commitment and hassle of covering it. It was actually my hairdresser who suggested that I let the grey grow.”

After struggling to accept her grey hair, Lauren finally relaxed, and her silver tresses began to grow out. Once she recognized this as her reality, she decided to help other women embrace their grey hair.

Instagram @embracethegreys

Through her Instagram account, Lauren says that she “has gotten a lot of compliments from strangers”, which makes her very happy since “more people are accepting their grey hair.”

While she acknowledges that embracing her grey hairs at such a young age has been a long process, she hopes to fully accept them and break stereotypes, “Every day that these women are sharing their journeys, we are moving closer and closer to normalizing grey hair at any age.”

Instagram @embracethegreys

We know it’s not easy, but if you’re one of those people who struggles with their grey hairs, maybe it’s time to give it a shot.

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